APPLICATION for HIGH PAYING appointment setter job

Step 1: Watch this video

Step 2: Read below

Our top appointment setter employees earn 100,000+ PKR every single month and you can too.

We are ONLY looking for self-motivated people who can work remotely without a manager looking over their shoulder.

You must be responsible, hard working, and a good written communicator in order to excel in this opportunity.

The requirements for this job are:
- You must have 2 Facebook accounts
- You must be willing to change your Facebook accounts and utilize them to set appointments for our clients
- You must be able to read and write in English at an excellent level
- You will work consistently 8 hours per day from 5pm PKT to 1am PKT with no significant distractions like school work or studying for exams
- You will work hard to become the best at your job and you will help others to succeed as well (you get paid for this)
- You MUST NOT be in school unless you are super highly motivated to succeed, a super hard worker, and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed
- 18 years of age
- You are comfortable using zoom

Step 3: Click the button below to apply now

Step 4: Take 4 minutes to fill out the application

Step 5: Show up to the live training tomorrow at 10PM PKT

If your application is accepted, you will be sent an email before you wake up the next day.

This email will have instructions and a link to the live training where we will first test your written English, then we will provide you a 1 hour training video, and then we will test you alongside all of the new hires on your ability to have good messenger conversations in English to set appointments.  This is more like a training and less like a test.  We keep going until everyone has mastered the fundamentals of good appointment setting conversations.  After that, you have the rest of the day and the next morning to practice what you learned and then there will be a final test during that next day to determine if you are ready to be hired.  If you pass the test, you will be automatically hired and you will able to earn money immediately.


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